10 Tips to Buy Girls Plus Size Clothing in 2022

10 Tips to Buy Girls Plus Size Clothing in 2022

 Teaching young children to pick and choose girls plus size clothing can have many benefits. Besides helping children develop confidence and independence. It also helps parents save a lot of time to do other things.

Should children choose clothes according to their preferences?

According to experts on education, when children are about 3 years old, they will like to choose their own clothes without listening to their parents... This is also the way that preschool children use to assert themselves especially girls.

Another reason why children want to choose clothes to wear by themselves is that they have recognized the expressions and attitudes of others towards them. Therefore, if the child is complimented on wearing this dress and the other pants are pretty, he will want to wear that dress forever.

On the contrary, if you wear an outfit that someone criticizes you badly, your baby will not want to use it again. Experts say that this is a very normal age mentality. Therefore, parents need to be delicate and ingenious when children want to choose their own clothes. Also, respect your child's decision.

Best Girls Plus Size Clothing in Summer

In the event that the child's choice of children's clothing is not appropriate, parents should only suggest reasons for the child not to wear that suit. Avoid prohibiting and forcing children to wear girls plus size clothing according to their parents' wishes.

When children want to choose their own clothes, this is also a good opportunity for parents to teach and help them choose and combine appropriate and beautiful clothes. Parents should show their children a lot of pictures of children's fashion, choose clothes together, at home, go to school, or let them choose costumes for dolls... this is how to help them choose and coordinate branded clothes.

Why teach children to choose and dress themselves?

For adults, dressing up is very easy, but not so for children. Parents need to teach children this skill based on the age of the child. Experts recommend that parents should teach children how to dress early because it will help children develop many skills such as:

Fine motor skills: Baby learns to tie shoelaces and button clothes.

Gross motor skills: Baby balances on one leg to put on pants.

Cognitive skills: Baby remembers the order of wearing baby clothes.

Language skills: Baby remembers the names of different clothes.

Teach children how to dress girls plus size clothing

Teaching children to dress is not an overnight skill that can be completed. It requires both the process and the parents to be very patient. Depending on the age, parents should teach different self-dressing skills. Here are skills that parents can teach their children based on their children's ages:

For 1 year old children

Parents teach children how to raise their arms when wearing a shirt and know how to put their feet in shoes

  • Learn to take off socks and shoes yourself
  • Arms can be worn through sleeves and legs through pant legs

For 2 years old

  • Teach your baby how to take off a sweater or coat without strings
  • Teach your baby how to pull his pants down

For children 2.5 years old

  • Teach your baby how to take off elastic waist pants
  • Teach your baby how to wear socks
  • Teach your baby how to open the big buttons on their own

When the child is 3 years old

  • Teach your baby how to undress himself
  • Teach your baby how to wear a t-shirt by himself with the support of his parents
  • Teach your child how to put on his own shoes
  • Teach your baby how to use a zipper

When a child is 4 years old

  • Teach your child how to put straps on shoes
  • Teach your baby how to use a zipper
  • Moreover, teach your baby how to wear socks on his own without the support of his parents
  • Teach your baby how to distinguish the front and back of clothes

When children are 4.5 years old or older: At this age, children can dress girls plus size clothing without the help of parents.

What to pay attention to when teaching children to wear clothes?


Teaching children how to dress girls plus size clothing requires a great deal of patience. Therefore, if parents feel discouraged because they teach all the time, but their children still wear the wrong shoes and can't put on their own clothes, here are some tips for parents:

Teach your children how to undress before you teach them how to dress

In fact, undressing is often a lot easier than putting clothes on. So, if you want your child to know how to dress, first teach them how to undress.

Every time your child comes home from school, let her take off her shoes and socks. When taking a bath, or changing clothes for bed, or going out, encourage your baby to undress himself.

Help children dress themselves from stretch pants, wide-leg pants first

Initially, when the manipulation of clothes is not mature, parents should practice for the child to wear elastic pants and wide-leg pants first because these types of pants are easy to wear.

Parents should support the baby by turning the pants right, holding the back of the pants to drop 2 tubes, then showing the baby how to put each leg into each leg of the pants.

And finally pull up the pants when the legs are finished. If the child finds it difficult and clumsy to manipulate, parents can support the first 3 steps and then ask the child to pull up his pants. Over time, the baby will practice proficiently without parents' support anymore.

Ask your baby to sit down when getting dressed and wearing shoes

Young children are clumsy, their limbs are not strong enough, their balance is extremely poor, so when wearing clothes or wearing socks and shoes, parents should only sit down first. This will make it easier for your baby to manipulate.

Teach your children how to put their hands through their sleeves

If the child wears a T-shirt: Parents, please show the child how to turn the shirt right, put the collar over the head. Thread each sleeve and finally pull the shirt down to your torso.

For shirts with buttons and shirts: Parents teach children to turn the shirt right, put their hands on each shirt, and button the shirt from top to bottom in equal order. At first, children often button the wrong button, but parents should be patient to show their children how to fasten the button correctly.

Arrange girls plus size clothing in order

Parents should arrange girls plus size clothing in order so that they can easily distinguish between school clothes, play clothes, and pajamas to wear to sleep. 

Teach children how to distinguish the front, back, left and right sides of clothes

In order for the child to wear the right clothes, not to the left, to wear them from the front to the back, parents need to teach the child to distinguish the front and the back based on the labels on the clothes. With shirts, usually, the label will be attached right on the neck. Particularly for pants, the zipper and zipper are on the front, square pockets will be on the back. Parents just let the baby remember this so that he can wear the right clothes next time.

Teach children to wear shoes

Not only teaching children how to wear clothes, teaching children to wear shoes is also one of the important things that parents need to do from an early age.

For young children, parents can let them try on sandals, closed shoes with straps because these shoes are very easy to wear. First, just show your baby to put the shoes in the right direction, put the toes first, then the heel. For older children, around the age of 5, parents should teach them how to wear and tie sports shoes.

Praise your child if she knows how to dress girls plus size clothing

One thing is for sure; children often prefer to play with toys, watch cartoons or explore things rather than picking and wearing baby clothes. Therefore, many experts have advised that parents should turn dressing up into a game. Or parents can also reward the baby if he knows how to dress and dress properly and quickly.

When choosing children's clothes, not all parents know how, especially those who are new parents. If you are also confused about this issue, please refer to the sharing of mistakes that parents need to avoid when choosing children's clothes below to be able to choose the most suitable clothes for their children. Please.

1. Choose girls plus size clothing that fit your child's body too well

This is the biggest mistake that almost every parent makes when choosing newborn clothes for their child. Most parents only think about choosing clothes that fit their baby's body without thinking about the case that the baby has to wear diapers.

Therefore, it happens that wearing more diapers will make the clothes tight, uncomfortable, and rub against the baby's skin. If wearing tight clothes in hot weather conditions, it is easy to cause the baby's skin to be scratched, swollen, red, skin rash.

It is best for parents to choose to buy clothes for their children 1-2 sizes larger so that the baby can wear comfortably even when wearing a diaper.

2. Buying too many clothes of the same size

Everyone knows that babies and young children develop very quickly. Therefore, if parents buy too many clothes of the same size, it is an extremely wrong choice. Because just a few months later, as the baby's body grow, the clothes will become tight and can no longer be worn.

Advice for parents is to buy less than 5 pieces/size to wear. And buy many types, styles and sizes of clothes so that your baby can always wear loose clothes and do not waste parents' money.

3. Let your child wear clothes that are too tight

As shared above, babies and young children grow up very quickly. The child's body needs a loose-fitting garment for the child to comfortably move his limbs. But many mothers save money by using their children's clothes to wear forever even though the child has grown in height and weight.

This is detrimental to the child's body both in terms of comfort and development of bones and joints, mobility.

The solution to save money is that parents can buy children's clothes in bulk to save money, rather than wearing tight clothes for their children.

4. Don't care about the girls plus size clothing fabric

Children's clothing today is extremely diverse and rich. In addition to genuine products, genuine export children's clothing, there are also countless fake products and imitations that are rampant in the market. And one thing is for sure, counterfeit products will have an extremely bad effect on your baby's health when used. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to the composition of clothing materials.

In addition, when choosing children's clothes, parents should avoid buying products made from synthetic fabrics. Because this fabric often uses chemicals in the manufacturing process, it is easy to cause irritation to the baby's skin. The rough structure of synthetic fabrics causes the skin to be sweated by the child, and the fabric is wet, making it easy for the child to catch cold.

We advise mothers to carefully observe the girls plus size clothing. You should choose for your baby clothes made from natural fabrics such as 100% cotton. Avoid clothes with materials that are: Teflon, Nylon and polyester, Rayon, formaldehyde, artificial dyes.

5. Choose girls plus size clothing with too bright colors

It is an undeniable fact that colorful baby clothes look more eye-catching and lovely. But parents should consider when choosing because it will potentially pose risks to children's health.

The substance that makes colorful children's clothes is dye. If the content is high, and it is not completely eliminated through washing and drying, this compound penetrates into the baby's body and produces aromatic amine. Amines have a large pH, if absorbed into the skin; it will cause allergies, dermatitis, skin rashes.

Therefore, we advise parents to only choose clothes with gentle colors for children such as: pastel green, light yellow, cream pink, white to ensure safety.

6. Only interested in loose girls plus size clothing

Because young children go to the toilet constantly, mothers are afraid to buy jumpsuits or jumpsuits for children to wear because it is difficult to change and wash. Even many parents do not allow their children to wear pants. This is a fatal mistake that leads to cold and uncomfortable children.

Advice for parents is to diversify the baby's wardrobe. Buy a few extra jumpsuits to wear during low temperatures, at night. If wearing loose clothes, please pay attention to observe the child often and quickly pull back the clothes to avoid getting cold into your child's body.

7. Completely trust the weight index when choosing the size of children's clothes

Many parents keep looking at the weight and height size chart to buy children's clothes. In fact, this is not a reasonable choice. Nowadays the sizes of many clothes have a significant difference. In addition, the size of the clothes is not reasonable because there are children with large skeletons and children with smaller skeletons.

Therefore, parents should ask girls plus size clothing sales staff so that they can advise on the exact size of clothes based on their child's index.

8. Buy cheap baby clothes

On the market today, there are many places to wholesale children's clothes at super cheap prices. But parents should remember to be wise when choosing so as not to affect the health of their children.

To buy quality clothes for their children, the first thing parents should choose is a reputable children's clothing store. Next, when choosing products, please pay attention to the buttons and stitches on the clothes. If the clothes are of poor quality, there will be messy seams or excess thread. And these messy or redundant seams are the cause of baby's skin redness and discomfort.

In addition, parents should also check the labels, washing parameters, and materials. Quality children's clothing products of major brands will have very clear printed parameters.

Let your child wear clothes as soon as they are bought

Many parents make this mistake. That is, after buying new clothes, parents often subjectively think that the new clothes are clean clothes and don't need to be washed, just let the children wear them.

But in fact, new clothes often contain a lot of chemicals such as anti-mold, anti-wrinkle and fabric dye...

The advice for parents is to wash new clothes thoroughly and dry them thoroughly before letting them wear them to ensure maximum safety for their children. Because this part is quite hard, it will rub and hurt and redden the baby's delicate skin.

Extra note when storing girls plus size clothing

When storing children's clothes, many parents have a habit of leaving camphor and cabinets to repel insects. This should not be because many studies have shown that the inside of camphor contains naphthalene and naphthol derivatives.

 This substance affects the redox process of red blood cells, destroys cell membranes and causes acute anemia. When used for a long time, children are prone to anemia and physiological jaundice, extremely dangerous.

Final Thought: Where to buy girls plus size clothing?

Above are our shares on how to teach your baby to choose and wear children's clothes according to their preferences. Surely this information will be useful to all parents with young children.

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