10 Tips to Buy Cute Baby Clothes for Girls Wholesale

10 Tips to Buy Cute Baby Clothes for Girls Wholesale

When choosing cute baby clothes for girls, mothers should choose fabrics with natural materials. It has softness suitable for newborn baby's skin and has a very good protective effect. Meanwhile, fabrics made from synthetic fibers or man-made materials do not have such softness. It is easy to scratch the baby's skin and can lead to infection.

In addition, fabrics made from natural fibers have good permeability, so they do not hinder the evaporation of sweat. It makes the baby always feel comfortable and comfortable. Man-made fabrics do not have this feature, so they often cause stuffiness and dampness. If you don't change clothes in time, your baby may catch a cold.

1. Prefer light colors in cute baby clothes for girls

 Children's clothes are sewn from fabrics with colorful and eye-catching colors, although they will be very beautiful to wear, sometimes it is not safe. Because this fabric often contains many chemicals used to dye, which can cause irritation or skin disease in the baby.

Besides, for some fabrics, to get bright colors, people often add some specific chemicals. Therefore, when choosing cute baby clothes for girls, mothers should prioritize pale colors and avoid bright colors.

  1. Pay attention to the seam

The seams on the body of the baby's shirt, pants, hat, and especially socks need to be sewn delicately, without backing, without excess thread. Because clothes for babies are very small in size, tailors often do not pay attention to these features, especially market clothes.

Mothers should pay attention to this small detail to choosing clothes for babies from reputable manufacturers, to help them stay comfortable when wearing them.

3. Should choose loose clothes

Young children are often hyperactive, wiggling their limbs all day without getting bored. Therefore, mothers should let their babies wear loose clothes that are larger than the baby's body. At that time, the baby will be more comfortable "acting" and "exercising" easier, helping the body to be always in motion, good for the baby's health.

How to buy wholesale cute baby clothes for girls effectively? This is one of the first factors that determine the success of those who are in the children's fashion business. The source of good quality children's clothing will have the opportunity to attract fastidious customers in today's competitive market.

Where to buy wholesale children's clothes?

Therefore, Mommbaby  will share with you some experiences to pay attention to when importing children's clothing in bulk. How to meet the needs and shopping preferences of customers? It helps the children's clothing business succeed.

1. Do not choose poor-quality children's clothing

Poor quality goods are only suitable for sidewalk sales at town markets, and suburban markets rather than displayed in shops or sold online. So when buying wholesale children's clothes at wholesale markets Shop owners need to choose sources of good quality. The psychology of parents often wants to give the best and safest for their children.

2. Choose a wholesale source of cheap children's clothing with clear regulations on return policy

A common feature of cheap wholesale cute baby clothes for girls sources is that you have to import in large quantities. For surplus goods, it is often required to take wholesale from 10 to 20 pieces, depending on the model, size, and color will be confused according to the batch ratio.

Therefore, sometimes you may not be able to choose the color and size. Some wholesale shops do not have a general price list. Therefore, you need to carefully refer to the regulations on the return policy to send back samples that are sold late, or the goods are not delivered according to the order.

3. Compare the prices of different wholesale sources of cheap children's clothing

We need to remember this point clearly, not every online wholesale cute baby clothes for girls store is a factory or a company. Every day, there are countless more wholesale children's clothing stores born, and the amount of information advertising children's clothing products are posted with a dense frequency.

 These can be tailor-made shops or companies and then bring them to business. But many shops only take goods through intermediaries and then resell them.

You should get a quote and compare where the cheapest is, balance the shipping support policy, delivery location, and payment method to decide on the right source of goods for your children's clothing shop.

4. Take the product as a sample when buying cute baby clothes for girls

When buying wholesale cute baby clothes for girls, you often have to buy by line, many samples are in bulk, and the order and receipt dates are 2 weeks - to 1 month apart, so you should remember to take samples of the product to compare the quality and color upon receipt.

When buying wholesale children's clothes, shop owners often encounter a case of one model but three or four different prices, produced by many factories. Therefore, when you have a sample in hand, you can easily control the quality and negotiate with the dealer if the goods are defective or damaged.

5. Negotiate with a wholesaler of children's clothes

The rule of buying wholesale children's clothing is that the more you import, the cheaper it is. However, you need to flexibly choose new models, in line with social trends from time to time to quickly sell out. Therefore, in order, you should not import a large quantity at once.

Should only take in moderate quantities, if sold out, continue to get. That way not only helps you not to be stuck in inventory but also helps to have the capital to manage and update new models immediately.

  1. Choose labels carefully before buying cheap children's clothes in bulk

Genuine children's clothing wholesalers often have fabric labels attached to the product at the collar, waist, or waistband, or printed directly on the product.  If you pay attention a bit, when buying genuine cute baby clothes for girls, you can expect the best quality.

7. Find cheap wholesale children's clothing with beautiful seams and textures

The highlight and most loved by consumers of genuine children's clothes are the very meticulous, solid, sharp, beautiful, sophisticated stitches and no excess thread. Textures are never sticky or smudged at the edges, without large print patches.

As for the imitation goods, the seams are very sketchy, uneven, and easy to burst when worn a few times, the seams are tangled and uneven, the textures stick together, and the edges of the picture are smudged. Shops should pay attention to this point to find cheap wholesale children's clothes, but standard quality.

Note when choosing clothes for skinny girls

Shopping for children's clothes is now a necessary need of many parents, but it is not always convenient for parents to choose clothes for their "stork"-shaped princesses.

Therefore, to choose the right clothes quickly, parents should pay attention to some of the following issues:

1.1. Color

Thin girls do not use dark colors such as black, brown, gray, or dark blue... because it will make them thinner.

The most suitable colors for babies are bright colors such as pink, yellow, orange, red, white, etc. or pastel colors are also great. This option helps babies "cheat" a little more weight and look fatter than they are.

 How to choose cute baby clothes for girls?

1.2. Pattern

The texture is also something that parents need to pay attention to because choosing small patterns or stripes will make the princesses thinner. Instead, parents should choose large patterns or horizontal stripes!

1.3. Designs

To conceal your baby's "underweight" slightly, you should choose clothes with lots of ruffles, not tight; in addition, you can add accessories such as big belts, flowers, and big bows. These will make your baby appear more chubby than he is.

2. Cute baby clothes for girls suitable for skinny girls

2.1. T-shirt

T-shirts are easy to coordinate and suitable for many people, but you also need to remember to choose t-shirts according to the notes above!

There are many different styles of t-shirts, which the fall-sleeve, fairy, and wide-form T-shirts are extremely suitable for skinny girls.

2.2. Shirt

Shirts are popular and indispensable clothes when girls wear them to school or other places where they need to be groomed, but not every shirt that a skinny baby wears is beautiful. To overcome the "slender" problem of your baby, you should choose cute baby clothes for girls with long sleeves, fairy wings, and a shirt with a moderate form that is not tight.

2.3. Coat

On cold days, jackets are indispensable for girls. Brightly colored feather coats or loose, loose-fitting dresses with flared or ruffled bottoms will be a very reasonable choice, making you look lovely like a princess without showing your thin figure.

2.4. Loose pants

The cutest and most suitable baggy pants for babies are those with a spacious design, comfortable at the waist and hips, and gradually smaller at the shins. This style of pants not only hides the slim defect but also helps the baby to move easily. You can mix pants with t-shirts, and pullovers to bring dynamism, naughtiness, and cuteness to the children.

2.5. Skirt

One of the options not to be missed for skinny kids is the flared skirt. The skirt has the effect of covering the "stork" lines on the baby's body.  This type of skirt is also very suitable for babies with a not-so-full bust.

Parents need to remember a small note when buying cute baby clothes for girls is not to choose tight skirts, tights, or skirts with plaid patterns because it can reveal the real size of the child's body. The new flared skirts are the most suitable companion for skinny kids!

2.6. One-piece skirt cute baby clothes for girls

Skirts are familiar clothes for girls, but not all dresses are suitable for slim girls. For babies with a slight weight, the floating princess dresses with lots of ruffles and decorative details are the clothes you need to immediately add to your baby's wardrobe. They not only help the children become more beautiful but also hide the baby's real figure.

In addition, you can also choose skirts, and pleated skirts; multi-layered skirts are also great items for your baby.

After sharing the above, you can confidently choose clothes for your baby to be more beautiful and cute.

Shopping for a little princess is always a joy that makes pregnant mothers excited and looking forward. However, how to choose baby girl clothes that are both comfortable and comfortable and make them more lovely and pretty?

If you still have doubts, before shopping, you need to consider the following criteria to choose the right cute baby clothes for girls!

Choose the right size newborn cute baby clothes for girls

The size of the baby's clothes depends on the baby's height and weight measurements. Therefore, to find the right size of clothes for your baby, you can rely on the size chart of newborn clothes and choose the most suitable size. Besides, the label of newborn clothes will often clearly state information about the baby's weight, height, and number of months for mothers to easily choose.

Size chart for newborn baby clothes at Mommbaby

You don't have to buy it according to your baby's age, mom! If your baby has a measurement in between 2 sizes, it is best to choose a larger size so that the baby always feels comfortable and comfortable.

Mothers also should not buy tight clothes for children because too tight will make them uncomfortable and difficult to breathe and difficulty sleeping. Not only that, babies grow up very quickly, choosing loose cute baby clothes for girls will help them wear them a little longer, mom!

Soft fabric, safe for baby's skin

100% natural cotton is the priority material when choosing to buy baby clothes. Cotton fabric creates breathability, and good sweat absorption is durable and lightweight, and easy for baby to change daily. In particular, cotton material also has the advantage of not irritating, gentle with the tender skin of babies.

In addition, bamboo fiber fabric is hypoallergenic, cool, and gentle on the skin. Although the cost of this fabric is higher, it is a perfect choice for children with eczema or atopic dermatitis. You should not let your baby wear woolen clothes because this fabric will make eczema worse and irritate your baby's sensitive skin.

Comfortable, cool material makes it easy for your baby to play and move

To give your baby soft, comfortable clothes that won't cause heat or discomfort, cute baby clothes for girls are made of 100% organic cotton, sweat-absorbent, and stretchy for your baby's comfort.

Cute colors and designs for girls

Baby girl clothes are usually not too different from boys. But surely, your little princess will be cuter in a pink dress and dress instead of a green jumpsuit, right?

Some styles of clothes can be suitable for both boys and girls, but when buying newborn baby girls, mothers can favor some colors such as pink, yellow, orange, and red.

A dress for a newborn baby with sweet colors makes a girly and feminine

In addition, the design of the shirt for children needs to be simple with a round neck, heart neck, and not too tight to help children move freely. Mothers should choose shirts with buttons at the neck, letter collar, or front row of buttons to easily and quickly change clothes for their children without making them uncomfortable.

The mother also pays special attention to the material of the buttons, avoiding buttons containing nickel, chemicals that irritate the baby's skin.

In terms of design, each model of clothing will be suitable for different situations such as at home, going out, going to school or walking with the family, etc. When children are at home, overalls such as newborn bodysuit, and sleep suit hay romper is the perfect choice for a newborn baby girl's wardrobe.

These costumes with bright colors, funny and lovely textures, and accented by fairy sleeves and ruffles will make the little princess still so pretty even at home!

Buy Comfortable cute baby clothes for girls

When going out or walking on the street, the mom can help her baby gain more momentum with colorful dresses, style tops with shorts, or mixing dresses, tops, bodysuits, and leggings to make the baby more beautiful and keep warm effectively.

At Mommbaby, there are always lovely designs and designs for girls with sweet colors and motifs of butterflies, flowers, and lovely animals.  The baby is always comfortable and confident to wear clothes whenever they are together.

Be careful with ties, ribbons, and flowers attached to the shirt

When buying cute baby clothes for girls, mothers should avoid clothes decorated with ribbons, fabric flowers, small buttons or beads, and small objects that are easy to fall into. These accessories can be inadvertently dangerous to the child because if the mother is not attentive, the baby can swallow small objects or get the cord wrapped in the hands and neck.

Besides, the mother also needs to carefully check each needle and thread. There are many types of clothes that are poorly sewn, with many excess threads that will entangle, wrap or squeeze the baby's limbs, causing pain. Therefore, you should choose carefully and when you buy it, remember to check it again, use scissors to cut the excess thread!

Along with clothes, don't forget to shop for your baby's shoes and accessories to add more cuteness to your baby.

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