Why do wholesale websites have more advantages than wholesale markets?

Why do wholesale websites have more advantages than wholesale markets?

Why do wholesale websites have more advantages than wholesale markets? The advantages of buying from wholesale websites compared to buying from wholesale markets: 

1.Cost advantage

Time cost - you can save 2-3 days to and from the wholesale market ;

The cost of purchasing accessories, you can save round-trip fares, accommodation fees, and logistics costs ;

2.Advantages of purchasing

The urgency of purchasing is reduced. Go to the wholesale market to buy in person. Due to time constraints, it is only possible to spend a short time choosing slowly. Some clothes may not be suitable, but they have to buy quickly due to the pressure of purchase. But online shopping can take time to choose slowly.

 The validity of the purchase basis is increased. The selection of products through traditional channels is based on one's vision, the boss's recommendation, and customer feedback. It is more timely, the replenishment is faster, and the additional cost of replenishment is reduced (maybe not all the styles that come in from wholesale are very popular with customers, but some of them have good feedback and have to be replenished, so the cost of replenishment will increase—increased).

3.Advantages of wholesale quantity limitation

Online wholesales are batches of ten pieces, and some even start collections together, which increases the selectivity of physical stores to a certain extent.

4.Advantages of inventory pressure

Since online purchases can be made in insufficient quantity, the pressure on buyers to prepare goods is reduced, and the risk of inventory backlog is reduced, which means that capital investment is reduced and costs are reduced.

5.Transparent wholesale prices

Formal wholesale websites, such as formally becoming a wholesale agent, will display an exact price. Compared with traditional channel purchases, the link of bargaining is reduced, and price transparency is further open, which is conducive to further selection and measurement;

 6.Capital turnover advantage

Purchasing goods in the wholesale market is generally cash and spot goods. Many funds are invested at once, but the funds need to be sold after all the approved garments are sold. The funds during the period take up a long time. Less online shopping can be more flexible, you can make small batches of goods multiple times, and less money takes up time.

 7.Advantages of a style update

The quality of the style is the key to the prosperity of the business. It is impossible to go to the wholesale market frequently to buy goods. If it is counted twice a month, the clothing styles in the store can only be updated twice a month. It would be best if you kept up with fashion trends to expand your business. Business opportunities, but online clothing brands such as MOMMBABY will be updated more than ten times a month, which is at least five times faster than the update speed of traditional channel purchases. It is easy to buy new styles and increase customer retention. 

The current wholesale website platform is safe and reliable, with rich sources of goods, and can also be connected to major mainstream online store platforms. Like the goods I often wholesale, I can lie down and choose styles at home. There is a minimal backlog of inventory, and the supply of goods is quite large, with a wide selection. It is easier to open an online store and upload products. After selecting the product, you can directly download the data package and picture package and upload them to the store. The operation is effortless.