Which is better, the wholesale market or the wholesale website?

Which is better, the wholesale market or the wholesale website?

With the advent of the information age, network marketing and e-commerce are increasingly closely related to our lives, and a convenient, fast, high-quality, and efficient life has become the goal pursued by people in the new era. Website wholesale is also gradually accepted by young clothing entrepreneurs, but many novices still believe in market wholesale for physical store businesses such as clothing. So who is better at website wholesale or market wholesale?


To know who is better, you need to know what website wholesale is and what market wholesale is. Let's take a look at the definitions of these two terms first. Website wholesale is to do wholesale business on an online network platform. That is, without leaving home, using a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet, you can watch videos, live broadcasts, and pictures on APPs, portals, or small programs anytime, anywhere And a text description of the transaction scene in which the entire transaction complete online, including viewing, selecting, placing an order, and paying. Market wholesale is a wholesale model in which wholesale business is in the physical wholesale market, where the material goods inspect, and offline transactions make. Friends who make clothes will choose to go to the need to buy goods wholesale when they buy them for the first time because only seeing them with their own eyes will make them feel more secure. Of course, it is not so that novices will choose to go to the market to buy goods wholesale. Some friends think it is unnecessary to go too far, and wholesale on the website is also perfect.


In this way, the two evenly match, so we can only choose a more suitable way to get goods based on their advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of website wholesale:

  1. Highly save travel time and cost: In the traditional mode, clothing store owners have to go to major wholesale markets to select and approve goods in person. To buy good goods, shop owners even travel thousands of miles to obtain a batch of cheap, high-quality products. I am exhausted physically and mentally. Everyone has experienced that an unexpected trip now costs at least thousands of dollars and takes at least two days. It undoubtedly increases the considerable cost pressure in the children's clothing industry that pays attention to small profits, but quick turnover and the market competitiveness is weakened as a result, forming a vicious cycle is inevitable; with e-commerce, shopkeepers only need to select and purchase goods online, and a computer and two hours are enough.


  1. There are many kinds of goods to choose from to meet the needs of various customers, and you can find more products than in any store, so there are more choices. Let's talk about real-time data updates, and upload hot products and data to the network as soon as possible, so that customers can better grasp market trends and reduce business risks and pressure on store owners.


  1. A particular price advantage. Because the network wholesalers are attached to the Internet, expensive store rents save and operating costs thus reduce, so that similar products have a price advantage compared with the wholesale market, and truly create benefits for shop owners. Moreover, its after-sales service is also a significant advantage. To achieve a win-win situation and maximize the protection of the interests of shop owners, hoarding goods, return, and exchange of goods can be realized to a certain extent, which can completely relieve the worries of shop owners.


Disadvantages of website wholesale: The only drawback of website wholesale is that you need to see the actual version and touch the quality and fabric. There may be deviations in the introduction through pictures, videos, and text, and the goods must be corrected.


Advantages of market wholesale:

  1. Because market wholesale is to see the real thing on the spot, the pattern, quality, and fabric you can see are all real, with high accuracy in picking up goods and a strong sense of experience. A market is where resources are highly concentrated, most of which are sold in a row. The styles, categories, and models are relatively comprehensive. When buying goods, you can shop around and choose the one with the best cost performance. Because the wholesale market is a face-to-face communication between people, it feels more real, friendly, and more likely to generate a sense of trust.


  1. There are many clothing wholesale markets, and the best benefit is that users are more oriented. That is, you can go to which clothing wholesale market for what kind of clothes you want to wholesale, what type of style you want; all sorts of techniques can be found concentratedly in a certain upstairs, instead of looking for one in the east and one in the west.


  1. There are many merchants and more choices. There are many clothing wholesale markets, and it is a multifaceted clothing wholesale market. These wholesale clothing markets have more merchants and give users more options. According to some people who are very familiar with the clothing wholesale market, in the clothing wholesale market, there is what you can't think of, and there is nothing you can't get. Even those big-name clothes that have just gone through the show can be found in the clothing wholesale market for the first time.


Disadvantages of market wholesale:

  1. Because market wholesale needs to travel around, it will consume a lot of time, money, and energy and is easily affected by external factors such as weather or temperature. Many wholesalers in the market have relatively high batch requirements, such as a minimum of 5 lots or a complete set of all colors and sizes. The pressure on funds and inventory risk is relatively large, and most cannot be returned or exchanged.


  1. The market needs to be more organized, with many clothing wholesale markets. The biggest problem is that the market needs to be more organized and organized. The market has no basic rules. Once a problem occurs, there is no professional personnel to rectify it. It is understood that there will be significant and minor disputes every day in different clothing wholesale markets, the small ones are angry, and the big ones are hurting money. Therefore, many clothing retailers are unwilling to go to the clothing wholesale market or even afraid to go to the clothing wholesale market to wholesale clothes.

Comparing the above two wholesale methods, there are advantages and disadvantages. If you want to choose a good children's clothing wholesale website, you can browse the mom-baby wholesale webpage to get the clothes you like.