How to communicate effectively with children?

Many parents may easily fall into a misunderstanding when reasoning with their children: the children can’t listen, and accompanied by various verbal resistance, physical resistance, etc., which give parents a headache: the child will not listen to your reasoning, what should I do?

How to communicate effectively with children

The editor has a trick, no matter whether the child's behavior is wrong, but first of all, you must calm down, and don't let your emotions follow the logic.

Then remember the first principle: don't indoctrinate, don't indoctrinate! Indoctrination is difficult to make people feel convincing from the heart. This applies to adults as well as children.

Refuse to be simple and rude, and do it first by reasoning with children

Children don't have to be obedient

In fact, children are not necessarily as mature as their parents in seeing things. Sometimes adults are even prone to get into the misunderstanding of inertial thinking. Sometimes children can see more clearly because they are not familiar with the rules. So, don't think it's wrong for your child to be disobedient.

There are many inadvertent gadgets in this world that come from the whims of children. For example, a primary school student in Nanning was scolded by his mother for forgetting to collect his clothes on a rainy day. Then he used his brain and invented a "smart rain shed". When it rains, the device automatically retracts the drying rack to prevent clothes from getting wet.

Therefore, protecting the child's innocence may also indirectly protect the child's creativity. When you feel that your child is not listening to the truth, you might as well try it, and listen to what the child is thinking.

Respect the child's inner energy

When adults get emotional, so do children. When the child is in a temper, stop reasoning first, because the conversation in the temper may be dominated by emotions, and reason is not rational, and becomes a tool for mutual debate.

Children have their own views on the world, and they also have the sparks of thought generated after they collide with the world. So, don't rush to teach your children your big truth, it's normal for everyone to have their own three views. What parents need to do more is to make appropriate corrections in some places when the child's three views are not yet formed, so that the child can see more comprehensively. This is a more appropriate way for parents to reason with their children.

Communication has a transfer, distance produces beauty

There are some reasons that parents think it is good for their children, but if it is not suitable to explain it in person at the moment, you can try to communicate in the form of a communication transfer station - write it on the child's desk with a post-it note, and write a letter to be euphemistic and sincere. Communicating with children in a natural way... There is a natural kinship between parents and children, but it may be better if some words are not blunt. As the saying goes, distance creates beauty, and parent-child relationship is no exception. Jointly guarding a close but not excessively interfering distance is the premise for good communication between parents and children.


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