How to choose good quality clothes for baby in summer?

How to choose good quality clothes for baby in summer?

Summer is here, the weather is scorching, and the baby wears less, so how to buy clothes for babies in summer? Choosing clothes for new mothers is not a small test for the newborn baby. Especially in the hot summer, clothes to buy the right size and to be comfortable and healthy need to master a lot of learning. If the clothes you buy are not suitable, the baby sweating, and it is easy to grow heat rash or eczema, which will be a problem. Here and share some of the experience points to buy clothes for babies; know these to buy clothes for babies is much easier!

what kind of clothes for babies in summer?

  1. Light and breathable

  Summer is a great time for babies to show off their skills because they wear less, so they always roll, crawl, run and jump all day. The high summer temperatures, the amount of exercise, and the evaporation of baby sweat are significant. If the clothes' material is too thick, it is easy to cover up skin diseases, especially in newborns. As the baby was just born, lying in bed and wearing intimate clothing should pay more attention to the light and thin-based.

  1. Cotton texture

  In addition to being breathable, cotton textured clothing is the king of sweat and moisture absorption. Baby's skin is delicate; if the intimate apparel is too rough or does not absorb sweat is accessible on the baby's skin irritation. Generally speaking, you can purchase more than 75% cotton 100% cotton is the best.

  1. The color is light best

  Baby's clothes in light colors are good, or the original color. Such fabrics add less dye, and the baby's skin irritates slightly. In the summer, wearing light-colored clothes does not absorb heat, making the baby more comfortable and relaxed.

  1. Look at the label to buy

Baby-wearing clothes to buy are labeled "baby products Class A," and the title is complete, for example, to indicate the composition, content, product grade, washing methods, and so on.

  1. Feel and smell

  Cotton clothing feels soft and not rough and smells odorless. And poor quality clothes smell of kerosene, moldy smell and so on pungent smell. This means that the clothing fabric is not qualified, has many chemical residues, and is impossible to give the baby to wear.

  1. clothing details to pay attention to

  When buying baby clothes, pay attention to the quality of the clothes. For example, when buying to see how many threads, whether the decorations are not too much, firm or not, whether buttons are not sewn tight, clothing label is not on the surface of the clothing. Baby button style also needs to be considered, and it is recommended to choose to lace or press the button is safer, as the button is easy to fall off, and worry about being baby accidentally eaten.

  1. Loose is the focus of the summer

When buying, you should choose clothes in a slightly larger size. This is more relaxed to wear. A fatter baby can choose two sizes larger. It is best to have pants with just the right amount of elasticity, not too wide and tight. Second, different age groups buy different styles of clothes

  0-3 months old baby

  Butterfly clothes and monk clothes are suitable for newborns to 3 months old baby wear. Because this clothing is convenient for adjusting the elasticity and the baby, this time to urinate and defecate more often, it is also convenient to change diapers. The overlapping design of the abdomen protects the baby's tummy from getting cold.

  Three months to Two years old baby

  One-piece clothes and farting clothes are suitable for babies in this age group. The role of the fart coat is mainly to protect the belly and the baby from getting cold in the summer. One-piece suits are loose and comfortable for babies who are starting to move a lot. 6 months and above can wear separate suits

  The advantage of separates is that if the baby's wet can be changed without a complete set of clothes, a certain change of pants can be done. In summer, the baby must pay attention to the choice of separates with buttons at the shoulders to facilitate the baby's headset. If you want some good quality clothes for your littles, you can find this on wholesale baby clothes.