How to choose baby clothes?

How to choose baby clothes?

The color matching of children's clothing    


When parents choose children's clothing brands, most of them first pay attention to the color of children's clothing. That's right; children have primitive sensitivity and unique preferences for colors. Therefore, when buying children's clothing, you must first judge the body shape and skin color. High-purity, brightly colored children's clothing will appear energetic and eye-catching. If the little girl's complexion is brighter and she wears pink, yellow, or red children's clothes, she will look lively and bright. Even if she wears gray or black, she will look delicate and elegant, giving people a comfortable and natural feeling.


Style matching of children's clothing


The style of children's clothing should be loose and simple without too many decorations, but children's clothing must have pockets that can hold handkerchiefs and things the child likes. Somebody can cut the sleeves and trousers and can cut hems of children's clothing longer so they can wear them they can be worn the following year. Somebody can prepare two sets of sweaters and wear the small one next to the body; the big one can be worn outside as a coverall and added to the cotton coat when the weather is cold. For fat children, the types of children's clothing that cannot wear include suspenders, checkered pants, tight clothing, and ultra-short and complicated children's clothing. Suitable children's clothing: mid-length, big trousers, skirts, children's clothing with darker colors as much as possible, and bright colors. For thin babies, unsuitable children's clothing: sleeveless, thin suspenders. Suitable children's clothing is ultra-short, tight-fitting, and children's clothing in full and jumping colors.

The choice of fabrics for children's clothing.


Because children are lively and active and have no awareness of protecting their clothes, the fabrics of children's clothing are generally strong, durable, and not easy to damage. At the same time, we should also consider the comfort of the fabric. Because the clothes are close to the skin, children's skin is generally sensitive, and the clothes and the skin often rub against each other. This requires the fabric to have good moisture absorption and ventilation. Cotton fabrics meet such requirements, especially for children's sportswear—clothes, but also consider the requirements of sweat absorption, breathability, and so on.

Children's clothing collocation

  1. Match according to the baby's skin color


If the baby's complexion is fair, the color range of clothes to choose for the baby is more. For example, wearing pink, yellow, or red clothes will make people look lively and bright. Even if they wear gray or black clothes, they will also look delicate and elegant—a comfortable and natural feeling. If the baby's complexion is darker, the clothing should be bright and colorful, and wearing such clothes will look energetic.


  1. According to the baby's body shape


If the baby is relatively thin, choose warm-colored clothes for him, such as orange, yellow, beige, etc. These colors expand outward and can give people a warm feeling. If you are a fat baby, choose cool or dark-colored clothes, such as gray, black, blue, and other colors, because they will shrink when worn and can play a contrasting effect.


  1. Casual wear


Since babies are naturally active, they spend most of their time playing games, so the choice of clothes for them should be loose and natural. In addition, the baby's body is developing, and wearing loose and casual clothes is conducive to the development of the body. It can also give people a comfortable and casual feeling.


  1. Flexible collocation


There is no fixed format for the color matching of children's clothing. If it is too stylized, it will appear rigid, but if there are too many changes, it will appear chaotic. The simplest purpose is to coordinate the color matching so that the baby will look lively, cute, bright, and beautiful after wearing it and also make people look comfortable. And you can find kinds of good quality and cheap outfits for baby on baby clothes wholesale website,