Healthy and high-quality baby clothing wholesale brand recommendation | Cheap maternal and child clothing wholesale

Healthy and high-quality baby clothing wholesale brand recommendation | Cheap maternal and child clothing wholesale

Many mothers-to-be have prepared everything about the child's use before the child is born, such as children's clothing, milk powder, diapers, toys, etc., so the market for mothers and babies is still very large. Mothers most look forward to their children not necessarily getting ahead, but growing up healthily and living happily. People's living standards have further improved, and the clothing worn by infants and young children is also varied. All kinds of infant clothing are flooding the market. Not only have higher requirements for appearance beauty, but the most important issue is the quality of infant clothing.

Let's see what are the problems.

  1. Excessive hazardous substances such as formaldehyde

Many of the children's clothing products circulating in the market have the problem of excessive formaldehyde. For some large-area printed and dyed clothing, formaldehyde is more serious than the standard, and some baby clothing with fluorescent patterns also contains some harmful ingredients.

  1. The PH value exceeds the standard

   The skin of infants and young children is very delicate. If the pH value of the fabric of the manufacturer is high, the clothing is prone to produce some bacteria and germs, which will damage the health of the baby. If the PH value is low, clothing is easily damaged in daily storage.

  1. There are quality problems in clothing accessories

   In order to achieve the aesthetics of clothing, clothing manufacturers often equip some decorations on the clothes. Parents also pursue the aesthetics of clothes, which leads to injuries to infants and young children. Because the body's skin is delicate and delicate, if the quality of clothing accessories has problems, it will cause bad consequences.

  1. Sewing quality problems

   When designing clothes, in order to maximize the design concept, manufacturers may ignore the rationality of the sewing of clothes and the quality of sewing. These products may have short-term, wrong order, etc. It is very uncomfortable for babies and toddlers to wear!

So are there any healthy, high-quality and cheap baby clothing wholesale brands recommended?

The answer is yes. And it is a very famous wholesale factory for maternity and infant clothing.

So today I want to recommend a mid-to-high-end baby clothing wholesale factory, MommBaby, whose clothing is healthy and green, and most of the fabrics they choose are pure cotton fabrics. Infants and young children will fit their skin more closely when worn, giving them maximum protection and care.

Their clothing does not exceed the standard of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and has passed the NBTS energy standard test, GB18401 and GB31701 requirements. All baby textile products meet the requirements of Class A-B.

The pH value of clothing for infants and young children is controlled to be similar to that of human skin. The logo on the product conforms to the infant clothing standards, and the product quality level, factory name, implemented standard number, and safety technology category information are all clearly identified.

MommBaby's baby clothes are mid-to-high-end clothes. Most of the prices are between US$4 and US$15, and there are even some clothes that are as low as US$1, and there will be new ones every day. It is very important for the quality of the clothing in their own factory to meet the standards and specifications of infant clothing.

The choice of baby clothes is a product that needs to be carefully selected. If you find a bad source of goods, you may have to go to lawsuits, and the gains outweigh the losses, which will cause more trouble. Choosing MommBaby can help you solve this trouble, and it is healthy, green and low-priced, and there are more different styles of infant clothing waiting for you to see, go to to buy now!


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