20 Tips to Choose Little Girls Clothes in 2022

20 Tips to Choose Little Girls Clothes in 2022

Choosing little girls clothes is an indispensable thing in the process of taking care of children so that they can wear them comfortably. However, if you don't know how to choose, your child may not be able to wear the clothes you buy.

When preparing to buy clothes for their children, some people just think about going to stores to buy cute clothes that they like. Choosing clothes for your child is not simply choosing a style or color, but you also have to pay attention to the softness of the fabric, the size, and even the buttons.

Imagine a baby wearing a thick and tight shirt on hot days, it must be very uncomfortable. Wearing tight, thick clothes will affect the baby's mood even more. Therefore, when you want to buy clothes for your children, do not ignore the following 6 notes of Mommbaby.

1. Choose the right little girls clothes for your baby's size

At each age, children will wear clothes of different sizes. However, the growth rate of each child is different. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing the size of clothes for your child. Your neighbor's kid may be wearing clothes that aren't the same size as your child. Clothes size is not an indicator of growth so don't worry too much if your child's clothes are smaller in size.

Besides, you can choose little girls clothes in a larger size for your child. For example, if your baby is 2 months old, you can choose clothes made for 3 to 6 months old so they can last longer.

2. Choose the right fabric

Children's clothes are often sewn from different materials. The most common materials for making baby clothes are cotton blends (cotton fiber mixed with a man-made material like polyester) or organic cotton (100% cotton).

Wearing soft cotton shirts will help your baby's body feel comfortable, warm, and comfortable. Furthermore, young children often sweat, especially at night. Therefore, the cotton fabric also has the effect of absorbing sweat well, giving the baby a good night's sleep.

In addition, bamboo fiber fabric is hypoallergenic, cool, and gentle on the skin. Although the cost of this fabric is more expensive, it is a perfect choice for children with eczema or atopic dermatitis. You should not let your baby wear woolen clothes because this fabric will make eczema worse and irritate the baby's sensitive skin.

3. Avoid skin irritants in little girls clothes


Clothing labels behind the neckline can cause skin irritation in children and even adults. To overcome this, the simple way is to cut the pieces of clothing labels and remove them before the child feels uncomfortable.

In addition, metal buttons can also cause allergic reactions in some children, especially those with a family history of allergies. You should also pay attention to washing clothes with baby-specific detergent, without strong odors and detergents, before letting your baby wear them because manufacturing chemicals may be left on clothes.

4. Choose clothes that are easy to change

Young children have often changed clothes several times a day because they often vomit or wet the bed. Therefore, parents should choose clothes that are easy to change for the baby. Dresses with zippers are a good choice because you can easily put them on without spending too much time.

If you are afraid that shirts with zippers can cause scratches to your baby, you can choose a type with a squeeze button because this type of button is also more convenient to wear.

It is also important to choose little girls clothes with comfortable collars and sleeves. When buying a pullover, you check to see if the collar has a good stretch, sometimes the shirt does not have any elasticity.

It will be difficult to pass over the baby's head. At this point, if you buy it by mistake, you may have to cut a line from the neck down a bit and sew a pair of buttons. The pajamas long pants, and tops with buttons on the front are also an option for you.

With clothes with buttons on the back, you should only choose in the case of a dress to wear to go out, not for the child to wear to sleep. The buttons on the back will cause tension to make the child more uncomfortable.

5. Be careful with ties, ribbons, and flowers attached to the shirt

Some coats have a tie at the top. This cord can wrap around the baby's neck causing suffocation. With lovely dresses, designers often decorate with ribbons and fabric flowers. However, these accessories can be inadvertently dangerous to children.

Young children are very curious about flowers attached to clothes or ribbons. Children can chew to check what the fabric flowers and ribbons taste like. However, flowers can be filled with glitter, beads, or attached with pins. If not paying attention, the child can swallow this needle.

6. Don't buy little girls clothes in bulk

Mothers are easily tempted by cute clothes for their babies, so they often buy a lot of clothes of the same size for their babies. However, young children develop faster than parents think. Children can fit these clothes at the moment, but after 1-2 months they will no longer fit. As a result, many clothes will not be worn, leading to waste.

So you only need to buy enough little girls clothes for your baby to wear.

How to choose clothes for active children?

 Young children are often hyperactive, wiggling their limbs all day without getting bored. Therefore, mothers should let their babies wear loose clothes that are larger than the baby's body. At that time, the baby will be more comfortable "acting" and "exercising" easier, helping the body to be always in motion, good for the baby's health.

4 things not to be missed when choosing clothes for babies

Choosing little girls clothes for a newborn is very important because at this stage, the baby's skin is very sensitive and the baby has not shown any obvious signs of wearing uncomfortable clothes.

1. Choose natural materials in little girls clothes

When choosing clothes for babies, mothers should choose fabrics with natural materials because it has softness suitable for newborn baby’s skin, and has a very good protective effect. Meanwhile, fabrics made from synthetic fibers or man-made materials do not have such softness, so it is easy to scratch the baby's skin and can lead to infection.

In addition, fabrics made from natural fibers have good permeability, so they do not hinder the evaporation of sweat, making the baby always feel comfortable and comfortable. Man-made fabrics do not have this feature, so they often cause stuffiness and dampness. If you don't change clothes in time, your baby may catch a cold.

  1. Prefer light colors

Children's clothes are sewn from fabrics with colorful and eye-catching colors, although they will be very beautiful to wear, sometimes it is not safe. Because this fabric often contains many chemicals used to dye, which can cause irritation or skin disease in the baby.

Besides, for some fabrics, to get bright colors, people often add some specific chemicals. Therefore, when choosing clothes for babies, mothers should prioritize pale colors and avoid bright colors.

3. Pay attention to the seam

The seams on the body of the baby's shirt, pants, hat, and especially socks need to be sewn delicately, without backing, without excess thread. Because little girls clothes are very small in size, tailors often do not pay attention to these features, especially market clothes.

Mothers should pay attention to this small detail to choosing clothes for babies from reputable manufacturers, to help them stay comfortable when wearing them.

4. Should choose loose clothes

Young children are often hyperactive, wiggling their limbs all day without getting bored. Therefore, mothers should let their babies wear loose clothes that are larger than the baby's body. At that time, the baby will be more comfortable "acting" and "exercising" easier, helping the body to be always in motion, good for the baby's health.

In addition to daily food needs, your baby also needs to wear. From birth, babies will wear clothes and pants suitable for each developmental age.

At first, babies will be exposed to swaddling diapers, then newborn clothes, slightly larger but simple clothes, and stylish pants and shirts. Although there are many types of clothes and clothes for babies, when choosing to buy clothes, parents should pay attention to the following tips.

Buy Affordable little girls clothes

Young children develop very quickly. In the first years of life, children have not yet formed a sense of being picky about their clothes, but parents still have to change clothes and clothes for children, because children grow quickly and see clearly. The baby's parents will have to consider reasonable shopping for the baby, and let the baby wear just enough, without causing waste.

Reusing old pants and clothes for children is not bad. At this point, used fabrics are usually softer and easier to wear than new clothes. This is one way that a lot of parents have done. Just solve the economic problem, and help the baby not feel uncomfortable every time his pants and shirt rub against him.

Matching material and shape

Cotton is the best material for babies. Natural cotton fibers will help absorb sweat better than synthetic fibers. Natural fibers also do not irritate the baby's young skin. However, besides paying attention to materials, parents should also pay attention to their child's physique.

Do not choose little girls clothes that are too small, too tight to the baby's body, so it will make it difficult for the baby to move, the clothes will rub on the baby's skin, causing swelling and redness. Your baby will feel uncomfortable and sometimes even cry to signal the itching on his body.

Besides, parents should also pay attention to color. Bright colors and funny shapes will make your baby look more adorable. And above all, should not let children wear expensive clothes, partly because of economic problems, partly because parents should know how to educate children to save money right from their childhood days, from the clothes they wear on them. .

These small, but useful tips, hope to help many parents have a good direction to take care of their children and raise them.

How to choose the "standard" clothes for a newborn baby?

Babies are born with different weights, but the size of clothes is the same. How to choose the right size for newborn baby clothes?

Through monthly ultrasounds, especially in the last months, mothers can estimate how much their baby weighs and how long, to prepare clothes for the baby. The size of the baby's clothes depends on the measurements of that length and weight.

 Therefore, to find the right size of clothes for a newborn baby, you can rely on the standard chart to find the size for your baby. On the labels of newborn baby clothes, there are very clear regulations on the baby's weight, height, and several months.


Depending on the height and weight of the baby the mother can adjust the clothes size accordingly! It is not necessary to buy according to the age of the baby. If your baby has the wrong size between 2 sizes, it is best to choose a larger size. If your baby has a different growth rate, you will know what size is best for your baby.

Pay attention to the fabric

In addition, the mother should also think about the fabric of the baby's clothes. You should choose cotton fabric, soft, cool, and sweat-absorbent. This fabric usually only shrinks after the first wash. Therefore, when buying cotton fabric for your child, you should buy a size for your child that is one size larger than the baby's actual size.

There are different sizing between different brands of little girls clothes, which may not follow the chart above. You should base on the reality of your child's development to buy accordingly!

Parents should pay attention to choosing to buy a torn or tied shirt for the baby. That way, it won't hurt the baby if the shirt button accidentally shows up. Should choose a shirt with a closed neck and a bit long to cover the abdomen, to prevent the baby from getting cold, which can easily lead to sore throat and abdominal pain.

New Born Babies Clothes

For newborn babies, it is recommended to choose white clothes. Thus, the clothes are not printed with patterns, dyed with dyes, and do not worry about skin irritation.

Boys' and girls' clothes are almost 100% the same. You don't have to worry about buying clothes that don't match your gender. Some clothing brands are often distinguished by the hemline for boys' clothes is blue, and the hem for girls' clothes is pink, no different in style.

In the opinion of psychologists, parents should also not force their children's furniture to be in the same color, every boy is blue, and every girl is pink, which can easily cause deviant development later.

Regarding baby socks and socks, mothers should choose to buy pairs of the same color. If there's a rush, I don't have to look for socks for a long time, but I still go with the right color, no one or the other.

How do choose little girls clothes for skinny girls?

The choice of children's clothes is becoming more and more interested, but how to choose the right baby clothes when your baby's body is not very fat, is a very difficult problem much for parents. Today I will tell you how to choose baby clothes.

In addition to changing the diet for the baby to eat enough nutrients and participate in exercises that are good for the digestive system, mothers can temporarily "disguise" the baby by mixing clothes, letting the baby wear suitable clothes.

For thin and small babies, please pay attention to detailed little girls clothes bows to cheat your child's weight. Avoid wearing a tank top, or a simple halter top, but instead, you can choose a trendy bat blouse, or fairy blouse - both cool and help your child "have more skin".

 In addition, the texture of the shirt is also something you need to pay attention to bright textures, horizontal lines or large polka dots will be the perfect suggestion for your baby, and vice versa, please immediately remove the shirt with dark colors, high quality. Is it too cheap?

 Buy Colorful little girls' clothes

The harmonious combination of yellow pants and the baby horizontal striped shirt looks very pretty

Just like the shirt, when choosing pants for your baby, you should stay away from tight pants like leggings because they will denounce your baby's skinny legs, but instead wear loose pants, pleated at the waist but compact. When wearing these pants, you can mix them with pullovers, shirts, etc., which will help your child move freely and still be lovely and full.

In addition, the material is also the secret when choosing pants for your child, instead of the material being too soft, the material is a bit stiff but comfortable, which will help your child cover significant disadvantages.

Floating skirts combined with a yellow shirt with flounces create accents for the baby's outfit

Fluffy little girls clothes with lots of details will be the perfect choice for your child, as well as tops, when choosing dresses, skip the simple, body-hugging designs as they will make your child look thin and small.

Please refrain from choosing long skirts with little details because they will make your child's body "drowsy". In addition, lovely accessories such as large belts, bows on the chest, and ruffles are a perfect choice.