10 Tips to Buy Newborn Girl Clothes in 2022

10 Tips to Buy Newborn Girl Clothes in 2022


Newborn babies are very sensitive, so anything can affect the baby even the smallest. Once affected, it not only affects the health and development of the baby but also makes parents worried. How do choose newborn girls' clothes and how do dress them properly to make them most comfortable?

Choose clothes for babies

Babies are born with different weights, but the clothes are the same size. How to choose the right size of clothes for a newborn baby?

Choose to buy clothes according to your baby's weight and height

Through monthly ultrasounds, especially in the last months, mothers can estimate how much their baby weighs and how long, to prepare clothes for the baby. The size of the baby's clothes depends on the measurement of that length and weight.

 Therefore, to find the right size of newborn girl clothes, you can rely on the standard chart to find the size for your baby. On the labels of newborn baby clothes, there are very clear regulations on the baby's weight, height, and several months.

Depending on the height and weight of the baby the mother can adjust the clothes size accordingly! It is not necessary to buy according to the age of the baby. If your baby has the wrong size between 2 sizes, it is best to choose a larger size. If your baby has a different growth rate, you will know what size is best for your baby.

Choose newborn girl clothes according to the fabric quality

In addition, the mother should also think about the fabric of the baby's clothes. Parents should choose cotton fabric, soft, cool, and sweat-absorbent. This fabric usually only shrinks after the first wash. Therefore, when buying cotton fabric for your child, you should buy a size for your child that is one size larger than the baby's actual size.

There are different sizing between different brands of newborn girl clothes, which may not follow the chart above. Mom should base on the reality of your child's development to buy accordingly!

Parents should pay attention to choosing to buy a torn or tied shirt for the baby. That way, it won't hurt the baby if the shirt button accidentally shows up. You should choose a shirt with a closed neck and a bit long to cover the abdomen, to prevent the baby from getting cold, which can easily lead to sore throat and abdominal pain.


For newborn babies, it is recommended to choose white clothes. Thus, the clothes are not printed with patterns, dyed with dyes, and do not worry about skin irritation.

Baby Boy vs newborn girl clothes

Boys' and girls' clothes are almost 100% the same. I don't have to worry about buying clothes that don't match my gender. Some clothing brands are often distinguished by the hemline for boys' clothes is blue, and the hem for girls' clothes is pink, no different in style.

 In the opinion of psychologists, parents should also not force their children's furniture to be in the same color, every boy is blue, and every girl is pink, which can easily cause deviant development later.

Regarding baby socks and socks, mothers should choose to buy pairs of the same color. If there's a rush, I don't have to look for socks for a long time, but I still go with the right color, no one or the other.

Note When Buying Baby Clothes:

Baby clothes should be easy to put on, easy to machine wash, and should be bought with natural fibers to help the baby regulate the temperature more easily. Any biological powder or fabric softener should not be used to wash the baby's clothes, as these can irritate the baby's skin.

The right newborn girl clothes at birth and throughout the first six months are overalls. It's best to buy only a small amount of clothes at a time, and change these out as your baby wears them tight.

How to dress and undress a newborn baby?

At first, young mothers may be confused and clumsy with dressing their babies. But then you will also master it if you follow the following notes.

Please act quickly and neatly so that the baby does not feel uncomfortable and fussy.

Because the baby’s head is still very weak, mothers must be very careful when supporting the baby's head during the changing process.

- Remember to stretch the collar when putting the shirt over your child's head so that it does not touch the baby's face. Please support the baby's neck with one hand and pull the shirt over the baby's head. This job sounds complicated and a bit scary, but once you've mastered it, you only need to manipulate it within 2 seconds and you're done.

Take off your shirt in the arm area and do the same. Keep the sleeve hole as wide as possible, then pull the sleeve up and slide your baby's hand through it and down. The other hand does the same.

Mother should remember to always change the baby's clothes on a non-slippery surface because this will not cause the baby to fall, but you also have more hands-free to manipulate other things.

Normally, babies will cry when their mothers take off their clothes because they hate the feeling of being stripped, but don't worry, act quickly and after putting on clothes, your baby will feel comfortable right away.

And mothers should avoid the following 4 mistakes when dressing their baby:

1. Wearing too many clothes

Many mothers think that the newborn baby will be cold, so they dress the baby a lot of clothes. This will make the baby feel uncomfortable and breathing will also become difficult.

For the baby not to get cold, please increase the room temperature to an appropriate level for the baby to feel most comfortable.

  1. Wearing colorful clothes

Newborn girl clothes look very cute, but behind that cute look, there are hidden dangers. Because the clothes are too colorful, the dye from the fabric can cause skin irritation, dermatitis, and many other problems caused by babies' skin.

Experts recommend that mothers should not let their babies wear too many colorful clothes, choose ones with simple colors but airy materials.

3. Always wear loose clothes

Babies often wet the bed and to facilitate changing, many mothers often let their children wear loose clothes. So the baby's belly is very cold, and the baby's navel will also be affected because this is the part that needs to be kept warm and has special care.

Therefore, the mother's advice is to let her baby wear full-body clothes, also known as bodysuits.

4. Put mothballs in your child's wardrobe

Many mothers still think that placing mothballs in their child's wardrobe will repel insects and help keep their children's clothes clean and safe to wear. This is not advisable because many types of mothballs on the market today contain naphthalene and naphthol derivatives.

This substance affects the redox process of red blood cells, destroys cell membranes and causes acute anemia. This phenomenon is more common in newborns, in severe cases; the baby will have prolonged physiological anemia and jaundice.

When taking off your baby's pants and clothes, you need to pay attention to:

Regular undress:

You use one hand to put on the baby's sleeve and hold the baby's elbow, then take off the whole shirt through the baby's fist. If your baby's shirt has buttons underneath, be sure to unbutton all the buttons first. The other sleeve, you do the same.

- You take the collar off the baby's head quickly, but also gently by opening the collar as wide as possible, trying not to let the shirt rub the baby's face, making the baby uncomfortable.

Use one hand to lift the baby's head, neck, and upper body, and pull out the top of the shirt with the other hand.

Jumpsuit newborn girl clothes:

You unbutton all the buttons on the bottom and unbutton the pants first, by reaching in and grabbing one of the baby's ankles and pulling the pants out. Do the same with the other leg.

After taking off the pants, in one hand you hold the baby's legs to rise, in the other hand you pull the shirt behind the baby's back up to chest level.

You put your baby down gently, and then take off the rest of the body like taking off a regular shirt.

You need to remember that your baby may be afraid of the cold and catch a cold when changing clothes, so you need to keep your baby's tummy warm and try to change her clothes as quickly as possible. Ideally, you should have a cotton towel to wrap your baby in when changing.

How to buy new newborn girl clothes?

Children grow up very quickly; usually, parents have to buy new clothes for their children every 3 months. A headache is when children buyback; they refuse to wear it, leading to waste and time shopping. Countless questions arise such as: How do choose clothes that children wear all the time without getting bored? Why should children's clothes be 100% cotton?

Why do children like to wear soft cotton clothes? Which fabric is good at absorbing moisture to help children play comfortably?

 This article will reveal 5 golden tips in choosing newborn girl clothes, helping parents choose one shot and the children will immediately like it.

 Why should children's clothes be 100% cotton?

 Cotton is the most popular and favorite fabric of children. Scientists call cotton fiber (cellulose fiber). Cotton yarn is derived from natural cotton fibers.

It is this natural origin that 100% cotton has many outstanding properties, meeting the important requirements of children such as: safe for children's skin, sweat absorption, high durability, and quick drying. Has the ability to absorb sweat, absorb moisture, cool down, and cool the body. Especially, it does not cause skin allergies (especially children's skin) and does not cause odors when worn.

Any tips to help you choose the best newborn girl clothes?

 Every parent wants their beloved child to always look neat, lovely, and beautiful. But children have other desires: to be able to play to their heart's content, to be comfortable in every movement.

 Therefore, whether choosing to buy children's hand-embroidered dresses, white shirts for boys, or children's long-sleeve suits. Children and parents must pay attention to satisfy the needs of the baby through the tips for choosing clothes below.

Tip #1: Choose the right 100% cotton material

100% cotton fabric looks very smooth to the naked eye, feels soft and cool, easy to wrinkle. 100% cotton fabric absorbs water quickly; almost the entire surface absorbs water quickly and evenly. If burned, it will give off a woody smell, not a plastic smell, and a pink color. When it is completely burned, it will be smooth and melted.

Some countries have a hot and humid tropical climate, so when playing, children often sweat a lot. Soft cotton clothes bring a cool feeling and absorb sweat well throughout the day playing or while sleeping, so your baby is less prone to heat rash or rashes.

Tip #2: Choose a size 1 size larger than your child's size

Have you ever cried or laughed when you bought the wrong size of newborn girl clothes? Don't be sad if you buy 1-2 sizes bigger, because there are many reasons to buy something bigger than your child's actual size.

First, loose clothes help children freely move without being restricted or constrained.

Second, children grow up quickly, so their clothes are very tight. So, this is a "cheat" way to help babies wear clothes longer.

To easily choose baby clothes, parents can refer to the children's clothing size chart.

Tip #3: Choose a simple, less cumbersome design for newborn girl clothes

If you pay attention, you will see that girls often like dresses with armpits, round necks, or lotus leaves. Boys like round-neck t-shirts and shorts. These designs are never “out of fashion” for “princesses” and “princes”.

 Tip #4: Choose colors and decorations that are gentle and cute

Today's children have "opinions" from a very early age because of their sharper perception ability, so most children are "allergic" to strikingly flashy colors. Baby just loves to be with friends!

Lovely princess dress

Therefore, parents should not choose luminescent colors. If parents like to choose hand-embroidered fashion for their baby, they should look for delicate, gentle embroidery patterns, and harmonious colors to help the baby feel comfortable when wearing.

Tip #5: Choose versatile clothes

The baby's wardrobe must be smartly calculated so that it is both convenient and stylish. A high-quality hand-embroidered dress for a girl or a boy's shirt is sure to make them look cute when going to school, going out, as well as going to a party.


Embroidered grandma set for children is also a very useful choice because children can "wear" at home all day in hot summer weather, or rest assured to sleep all night because it is very soft, cool, and comfortable. .

Children's clothes and notes when parents choose to buy

The skin of a baby, especially a newborn, is very sensitive. Therefore, when choosing to newborn girl clothes, parents need to pay attention to many factors. What are those notes? Let's find out with us in this article!

Choose according to your baby's weight and height

Many parents have the habit of buying products that are too wide for their baby to reduce wear, or are too tight. That is not advisable at all. Children's clothing products are too tight, when the baby wears it, it will create an uncomfortable and uncomfortable feeling.

 In addition, the products are too tight to rub against the baby's skin, if the product material is not good, it will cause harm to the baby's skin. And products that are too wide will also make the baby uncomfortable and sloppy.

The tip for dad at this time is to only buy children's clothes that fit the baby's size. Note that depending on the brand, there will be different form standards. When shopping, parents should tell the baby's weight and height so that the consultant can choose the most suitable products.

Pay attention to the Fabric of newborn girl clothes

Because the baby's skin is very sensitive, parents need to find products with materials that are safe for their baby's skin.

 Children's clothing products with 100% Cotton are one of the materials parents can choose. With its origin from natural cotton fibers, the outstanding feature is good water absorption, softness, and coolness, ... the Cotton fabric is increasingly favored.

The design of the product also needs attention

Today, young children often develop early perception, have a strong aesthetic taste, and strongly express their personality. Therefore, many parents have trained their children to be independent, allowing them to freely express their individuality through the fashion they wear.

Choose a Reputable Brand

Prestigious brands will have a strict production process for newborn girl clothes, which will help improve product quality. That is the excess thread when sewing is cut clean, the beaded details are sewn firmly, and the standard form according to weight/height / age.