MommBaby gives you the best and most affordable wholesale sources!

MommBaby gives you the best and most affordable wholesale sources!

MommBaby gives you the best and most affordable wholesale sources!

In the last month, we have sold exquisite girls' clothing to many countries and regions, including the United States, Brazil, and Southeast Asian countries. We have received unanimous praise, and they have placed follow-up orders to us. It just happens that we are doing an activity, so let's take a look at it right away if our heart is moved.

As a girl's clothing wholesaler, you can rest assured of our goods.


Customer Joe from Canada left a message: "MommBaby, your products are really good. The fabrics are also very soft and skin-friendly, and look like more advanced fabrics. The most important thing is to get the goods from your side, the price It is also very affordable, and I will continue to place a large number of orders next time.


Anna from the United States left a message: "This batch of goods, to be honest, is very cost-effective. The market is very good on my side. The design is beautiful and cute. Many parents see the clothes and feel the clothes and buy them immediately after trying them on. Thank you MommBaby! I made a lot of money."


Our girls' clothes are designed repeatedly by well-known designers, model new trends, beautiful and fashionable. In this fashionable age, we also pay great attention to the sense of design. Specially invited children's clothing designers from France to help us. The new design concept concept not only carried out design ideas again and again for the appearance of children's clothes, but also considered children's health. Our styles are diverse, whether it is cute or fresh, retro or aristocratic, we have sample styles that meet your aesthetics!

Our clothes are not only beautiful, but also green and healthy.

Our fabric adopts pure cotton fabric, high-quality cotton and skin-friendly cotton. We have been cooperating with fabric manufacturers for many years. The fabric manufacturers see us as regular customers, and they have a different kind of preferential treatment for us. This is also one of our strengths. Let you sell with peace of mind, and children wear with peace of mind!

   After discussing our products with industry experts, business representatives and testing institutions, and holding an industry opinion solicitation meeting, the comparison test plan was determined. The test items involve pH value, formaldehyde content, fiber content, color fastness to acid and perspiration, color fastness to alkali and perspiration, color fastness to water, color fastness to dry rubbing, color fastness to wet rubbing, extractable heavy metal content, decomposable The 10 indicators of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, etc., are tested based on the national mandatory standard GB31701-2015 "Safety Technical Specifications for Infant and Children's Textile Products" and FZ/T73045-2013 "Knitted Children's Clothing".

MommBaby is an entity enterprise integrating design, production and sales. The company has first-class professional children's clothing manufacturing equipment from Japan, Western Europe and other countries. The high-tech management methods and the vigorous promotion and introduction of computer CAD equipment have fully guaranteed the product quality, and has a high reputation in domestic children's clothing.

Where is the best source for girls' wholesale? Just come to MommBaby! Come to to buy what you want!

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