Let mommy rest assured and make baby comfortable

Let mommy rest assured and make baby comfortable

                Let mommy rest assured and make baby comfortable

    I believe that every novice mother will encounter such a confusion, how to choose the first dress after the baby is born?

When buying baby clothes, many mothers are most concerned about whether the clothes are novel in style and cost-effective, but they often overlook the most important point, that is, the safety and comfort of the clothes. For the baby, a comfortable and safe clothing is the most important thing. So, what factors need to be considered when buying baby clothes? How to choose the right clothes for the baby?

Of course, the first thing to consider when buying baby clothes is its comfort. The baby's skin is only one-tenth to one-third thicker than that of an adult, and it is very delicate and delicate. Newborn babies come to this world, and intimate clothing is the first line of defense for babies from the outside world. Clothes with comfortable fabrics can reduce friction with your baby's skin and avoid scratching your baby's skin. Therefore, the clothes you choose for your baby must be comfortable, and comfortable clothes can give your baby better care. The best choice for your baby’s clothes is pure cotton that is breathable, moisture-absorbing, and perspiration-wicking. If you are a baby with sensitive skin, you need to pay more attention to the comfort of the clothes. You can choose underwear made of organic cotton.

   The second is the safety of clothes. Clothes are items that babies need to touch for a long time. Its safety is very important. When the baby is still hyperactive, try not to choose clothes with ropes, buttons or other decorations. The baby is still immature and will put these decorations in his mouth as snacks. If the baby accidentally swallows it, it will cause serious consequences. If the clothes you need to buy are decorated with decorations, you need to check the tensile resistance of the decorations, pay attention to the diameter of not less than 3 mm, and whether there is a sharp point that can be touched. In addition, you also need to consider the color of the clothes you choose. Babies may come into contact with chemical substances such as paints while chewing on clothes. Therefore, try to choose clothes with simpler colors, such as light-colored clothes, when buying.

Finally, pay attention to the stage of choosing clothes for your baby. Babies have different characteristics at each stage, so you need to consider your baby’s current situation when buying clothes. For example, for a newborn baby, it is best to choose clothes that are open, and it is more convenient to change diapers frequently. For babies who are 6-12 months old, they are in the toddler stage. At this time, you need to pay more attention to loose clothes. Loose and bulky clothes are easy for the baby to move. Babies of 12-36 months can choose some moderately loose clothes. At this time, the baby's cognitive ability has begun to develop, and the range of choices is wider.

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