How to choose baby clothes?

How to choose baby clothes?

Children's clothing is known for its variety and rapid change as consumers purchase children's clothing both to consider whether the style and color of the dress can get the child's favorite, but also to think whether the clothing is more affordable, more comfortable to wear, conducive to the safety and healthy growth of children. To this end, it recommends that consumers purchase children's clothing from the following four aspects for careful consideration.

First, safety and health are prerequisites for the purchase of children's clothing.

Children's bodies are weak, poor resistance, as the child's second skin, children's clothing health, and environmental issues are particularly important, so the purchase of children's clothing should be fully considered the physiological characteristics of children to reflect the soft, breathable, comfortable, safe and healthy, should pay attention to the following points:

  1. should not be treated with aerobic bleaching, anti-mildew, or anti-flame finishing.
  2. It should not have a musty smell, gasoline smell, and other toxic odors.
  3. shall not use decomposable toxic aromatic amine dyes, carcinogenic dyes, and dyes that may cause allergic infections.
  4. formaldehyde, extractable heavy metal content, leachate PH value, color fastness, and pesticide residues in the clothes should meet the national environmental standards for direct skin contact.
  5. The finished product, from procurement, production to packaging, and shipment, each link through scientific and strict treatment, is in line with the national environmental protection requirements.

Second, choose the right children's clothing from the fabric's functionality and comfort.

Children are lively and active, with no sense of protective clothing, so the fabric should be strong, durable, and not easily damaged. Children's movement, and skin sensitivity, buy children's clothing to give full consideration to the comfort of wearing clothes and fabric fast moisture conduction and perspiration function. You can find some cheap and good quality children’s clothing on the mommbaby baby clothes wholesale website.

Third, the benefit to children's growth and development is choosing the right style of clothing.

The selection of children's clothing should consider the child's nature, and if the child is in the developmental stage, it should be loose and natural casual clothing. Wearing the appearance of sophisticated, spontaneous, loose simple class clothes, usually playing games, sports, etc., are very convenient; both conducive to the development of the body, but also give a gentle and lovely, comfortable, casual feeling.

Fourth, from the sewing artistry aspects up to buying children's clothing.

To pay attention to the main parts of the surface of the children's clothing with or without apparent defects, the main sewing parts with or without color difference and fabric "slip," fabric "row of silk," etc., the texture of the accessories, decorations, such as zippers are smooth, buttons are firm, four buckles are elastic and suitable, etc., with Bonded lining surface parts, such as the collar, barge, pocket cover, placket with or without gluing, blistering or seepage of glue and other phenomena.

In summary, in the purchase of children's clothing, in focus is on color, style, and fabric; we should give full consideration to the physiological characteristics of children to reflect the soft, breathable, comfortable, safe, and healthy.

Note: children's clothing because of the rope, small parts of the design are not reasonable, and the safety program is not qualified, resulting in children's accidental injuries occurring from time to time. Therefore, parents should pay attention to these details when purchasing clothing for children.