During the Mid-Autumn Festival, I am grateful to everyone who helped me along the way!

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, I am grateful to everyone who helped me along the way!

The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the most representative of the yearning and reunion in traditional Chinese festivals!

According to legend, Queen Mother Xi gave Chang'e an elixir of immortality. After Chang'e swallowed it, she went to the moon and ascended to heaven.

It is said that if you look up at Mingyue tonight, you can still vaguely see Chang'e.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is filled with deep thoughts and reunion together.

In this festival full of warmth and blessings, we must be grateful to those who have helped me along the way.


1. I am grateful for my parents

The kindness of our parents is unforgettable in a lifetime. They have given us precious and wonderful lives.

They brought us up and grew up, behind the hard work and no regrets.

Parental love is the most selfless and greatest love in the world.

2. Grateful for the lover who is always with you

Thanksgiving fate allows us to meet and know each other for a lifetime.

Thank you for your dedication to this family. Life is complete because of your existence.

"I would like to have one person's heart, and the white head will not leave each other." For the rest of our lives, let us stay together for the rest of our lives.

3. Grateful to friends who treat each other sincerely

The poet Wang Bo once said: "There is a confidant in the sea, and the world is close to each other." We must be grateful for the friends who accompany us along the way.

Thank you for sending charcoal in the snow when you are in trouble; when you are in trouble, we will share weal and woe, and when we succeed, we will send sincere blessings.

The road of life is more exciting because of your existence.

4. Grateful to the nobles

Everyone's life is more prosperous because of the help of the nobles.

When we are at a loss, it is the noble person who helps us guide us; when it is down, it is the noble person who gives us strength.

The dust is rolling, it is a blessing to meet the nobles; the vast crowd, it is even more fortunate to get help.

In this life, we must remember to be grateful and be kind to the nobles.

There is a bright moon on the sea, and the end of the world is at this time.

I am grateful to all the people in my life who are kind to me. It is better to have your company on this journey.

Thousands of words, it is difficult to express the gratitude in my heart, the long road in life, thank you for being with you all the way.

May each of us be grateful and treat everyone around us with heart.

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